Poo Poo Package with Toilet Paper

Poo Poo Package with Toilet Paper

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Do you need a gag gift? Secret Santa? Someone that is hard to buy for?

Well, these toilet paper rolls are perfect! These are great gifts that the recipient can use year after year. They can be re-gifted or set out each year as holiday decorations.

The saying is applied directly to the outer layer of toilet paper, in vinyl, and then wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from damage.

Each Poo Poo Package comes with:

One roll of toilet paper - your choice of saying

Puzzle book

Pen or Pencil

Scented product

Holiday Card

Piece of Tissue Paper

Gift Bag

*The items in the Poo Poo package may vary by design depending on what is available at the store.

 Al you have to do is sign the card, put it together, and your gift is done!

These are perfect for anyone with a sense of humor!